• Stargazer

Tools of the Trade: Everything You Need to Know About Our Gear

Here at Stargazer, we pride ourselves on our storytelling abilities. We in no way define ourselves by our gear - because your tools are only as good as the person wielding them.

THAT BEING SAID... we love to gush about the snazzy equipment we have. So here it is.

Eye-Candy (The Visuals)

We use full frame cameras, which allow us to film in stunning 4K quality in low light situations (which happen A LOT). And when we're feeling REALLY fancy, we can get super smooth motion shots AND do slow motion at 120 fps for dramatic effects.​

  • Sony Alpha 7sII

  • Sony Alpha 7III​

  • Sony a6500

  • Zhiyun Crane v2 Stabilizer

Music to Your Ears (The Audio)

It's crisp. It's clear. It's exactly what you want to hear.

  • Rode ntg4+ boom mic

  • Wireless Sennheiser Omni-Directional Lav Mics

Are you drooling yet?

Because we are. After all, we love our gear. It serves us well.

But at the end of the day, it's not the gear that's important. It's the people handling it.

And boy, do we handle it pretty darn good.