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Five Filmmakers During Quarantine

2020 was definitely very trying for everyone living amid a full-fledged pandemic. Some of us had to put our lives on hold, while others had to step up and help save lives. Shelter in place orders began to unfold across many US states. For those considered non-essential, suddenly, we were spending more time at home to stay safe while COVID-19 swept across the globe.

For some, our free time was spent becoming invested in the lives of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskins by binge-watching Tiger King (if you were anything like me, then you may have watched it twice just to process what the hell you were even watching.)

For others, it meant finally having the time to pick up a new skill that you may have always wanted to learn but never could find the time.

In this episode of Starcast, we hear from filmmakers Andrew Sokolowski, Paul Chittenden, Blake Kleiner, Josh Taube, and Jason West on how they stayed inspired, creative and overcome the obstacles they faced when the world was forced into social distancing.

First, we hear from Paul Chittenden. Paul is the owner of Paul Matthew Media, based n Grand Rapids, Michigan. Paul was able to work on a remote music video, a wedding video, working on his business and projects to help individuals and companies put together content they have filmed. Find more of Paul’s work on his website Paul Matthew Media, check out his work on YouTube at PaulStudios, or you can find him on Facebook.

Next, we hear from Blake Kleiner. Blake is the owner of LightCraft Entertainment, based in the greater Detroit area. Blake went to work on creating content for his YouTube web series, filmed a quarantine elopement (heckin’ cute!), and he has been laying his focus on marketing and reaching out to clients. You can check out his website Lightcraft Entertainment or find him on YouTube at Lightcraft Entertainment.

Then we have Josh Taube, CEO/founder of Blue View Cinema/Studios. Josh creates content like comedy sketches and short horror films. He even had one of his short films featured on a YouTube horror channel! That isn’t all for Josh, though; he discusses other hobbies and interests that he found the time for during quarantine. Find Josh through his website Blue View Cinema or on YouTube.

Our host, Andrew Sokolowski, Cinematographer/Editor/Co-Owner at Stargazer Digital Media. Andrew works on creating short films, sketch comedies, and he also runs the Starcast podcast. Andrew discusses the projects that kept him going, like odd jobs or finding clients via Upwork. He also directed, filmed, and edited a one-minute short video on a cell phone! Check out Andrew’s work at Stargazer Digital Media, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and twitter.

Last but not least, we have Jason West, a cinematographer, and photographer based in Indiana. From working on short website videos, voice acting, commercials to DoorDash, Jason was able to stay busy and stay creating. Jason discusses the opportunities that indie filmmakers can have during the quarantine. You can find Jason online on Instagram, or you can check him out on LinkedIn.

In this episode of StarCast, you will most certainly feel inspired to create in whatever capacity you can. Check out the episode to see how Andrew, Paul, Josh, Blake, and Jason stayed creative during this adverse situation. We may not be entirely out of the woods as of yet as far as COVID is concerned. Still, if you are a creator and you’re feeling stuck in your work, or you’re just someone looking to get into creating content, you will find an abundance of great information from checking out this video.

Stay safe and stay creative.


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