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How to Survive a 48 Hour Film Challenge

The 48 Hour Film Project is a challenge for filmmakers to put their skills (and sanity) to the test by cramming all the ins and outs of creating a short film into one weekend. The annual competition has been around since 2001, and upon entering the competition, teams are given an assignment with a 48 hour deadline to complete their project.

If you are currently reading this and want to work with a team creating a short film in just one weekend, you’re in the right place! Here you will find some good tips and advice on how to not only survive but also enjoy creating a short film on the fly.

One of the most important things when working with a team is the ability to collaborate well with others. While it is great to let everyone have an opportunity to voice their ideas, it is important for the team leader to take charge and direct the conversation so that the brainstorming phase of the challenge doesn’t break out into complete chaos. Choose your team carefully. You most certainly want to work with skilled individuals who are good at what they do, but you don’t want to get stuck on a team with someone who will try to take over the project with all of their own ideas.

Planning and staying on task becomes your best friend. Make sure to create a timeframe for everything and stick to it! There is a lot that goes into the project; between deciding what your film is going to be about (based on your assigned genre), writing your script, acquiring supplies, filming, or any of the many technical aspects that go into shooting a film, you need to be prepared to get right down to business.

The 48 Hour Film Project can be, well, a challenge, but it is also an amazing opportunity to join forces with other incredibly creative people. Whether you are curious about the creative process behind a 48 Hour Film Project or figuring out where to get started, you can tune into this episode of StarCast and check out Marguerite, Andrew, and Paul as they discuss their experience in taking 4th place at the 2020 Detroit 48 Hour Film Project!

Written by Brittany Young

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