Our Team

Professional, talented, and all around a fun bunch.

We think we're a pretty cool group of humans.


Andrew Sokolowski

Producer, Videographer, Editor, Director

The easiest way to describe Andrew is passionate. He wakes up every day ready to improve his craft.


He has been making films all his life and even worked with PBS News Hour when he was in high school.

The thing that exhilarates him most about his work is the emotional impact it has on people capturing memories and creating an
escape from everyday stresses.


Marguerite Wasinski

Producer, Videographer, Editor, Director

Marguerite graduated from Oakland University with a degree in English and double minors in Creative Writing and Cinema Studies.


Post-graduation, she has worked with professional filmmakers from all over the country on dozens of different film and commercial sets including Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight (2017).


She currently works at a local production company as their primary video editor and shoots video for local musicians in her spare time. 


Danielle Nicholson

Marketing Director

Danielle loves writing, cats, and snacks. The important things in life.


She is passionate about the rights of women and queer people, and she aims to improve their media representation through her work. She likes stories that examine our cultural beliefs around love and family.


She is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at Oakland University, where she made all her fantastic professors workshop way too many queer romance scripts. And she hopes to write many more.


Dylan Sewell

Director, Editor, Writer, Storyboard Artist

Dylan currently attends Michigan State University studying Media and Information.


He's a passionate filmmaker with a deep all consuming love for storytelling and a need to entertain. He takes pride in bringing a fiery passion and unwavering dedication to any project he's involved in.


Dylan is proud to be a member of the Stargazer family, where together we make dreams manifest and reach for the stars.


David Chapman

​Director, Writer, Editor, Sound Design

David is a laid-back sort of guy.


He loves creating stories and spends most of his time writing scripts for videos, books, D&D games, and anything else that allows him to take a single thought an expand upon it until it becomes something big enough to walk through.


Of all of the universes in his head, the one that he wants to make the biggest impact on is this one.